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The highly specialized team is available Monday-Friday 10-5 and Saturday from 10-1, offering quality healthcare services to newborns, teenagers, and adults. Within your first visit, the considerate and friendly staff strives to ensure the utmost effective treatment. North Atlanta Pediatrics & Family Care emphasizes interacting with family members to understand health standards and recommendations in conjunction with the current health status of their infant’s welfare.

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Primary services

North Atlanta Pediatrics and Family Care prioritizes the health and wellness of patients and provides significant knowledge about the importance of regular checkups. The following is the list of primary services of health care

Why are well-child visits important?

Adolescence is the stage of progressive development and transformation. Since growth is rapid during this age, children must have more well-child consultations during crucial periods.
What does a well-child visit include?
After examination, the team performs a comprehensive medical analysis of the patient and investigates the child’s maturation throughout the study to prevent possible challenges. The relative growth of an infant’s body mass, height, and head size is measured through a growth chart. To overcome the problem of obesity in teenage years